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Money, everyone likes it! "Fintech" or financial technology has helped dramatically increase value in some start-ups.  Companies like Stripe and SoFi have used fintech to help propel themselves forwards. How has fintech helped these companies?  Fintech has helped create new apps, sites, and services to help buyers pay for goods, get loans and manage their retirement accounts more easily. Fintech is a...

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A unique chip technology from a camera startup was bought for $90 million by Amazon last year. Bitcoin has a high risk of being cut in half, warned JP Morgan. A regional court in Berlin ruled that Facebook's use of personal data is illegal. Gavin Free and Meg Turney, two Youtube stars had to hide in a closet...
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Many of us dream of traveling, but it is out of reach for most financially. After all, if the world is a book, not travelling means you only read one page... Today there are more and more ways to travel cheaper, while also having opportunities to get paid while doing it. If you aren't afraid of work here are a few ways...
top capitalist companies of 2017
The results of a survey of the top 15 companies for 2017 that demonstrating better capitalism was released. Things considered for these companies to make it into the top 15: workers, customers, products, environment, communities, jobs, management, shareholders. Better companies place real value on the human aspect of their business, rather than seeking only short-term gains. The results are below.  The chosen...
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This can be a challenging space not just for a new entrepreneur but also for the longtime running ones.  Being able to juggle all aspects of the business and life outside of it can get overwhelming.   There needs to be a high degree of self-discipline and organization or you and your families well-being can suffer. You are now the...

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