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what happenned to our economy capitalists.com
There is now a bigger gap from the middle class to the rich.  The growing income inequality has slowed economic growth and angered many politicians. What caused this? The belief that a company's only mission is to get the most profit short-term for shareholders. This isn't capitalism, this is a choice... This practice began in the early 1980s, although necessary back then,...
Young American Capitalists
Young Americans who are now in their early 20's view the United State as having been in a war since 9/11. They grew up with the economic collapse in 2008, with families losing their homes, jobs and struggling to take care of the family. Hardship continued beyond 2008, seeing wages falling or not increasing.  The rising costs of healthcare, childcare, and...
driven to start a business capitalists
It takes a different kind of person to start their own business; these people know that it will require a lot of hard work, money, and patience. These people also know that the first year will be challenging, with the potential of little financial reward or even complete failure. Even though the numbers are against them, this personality type...
characteristics of an entrepreneur ecapitalists
How many of these describe you? If you have more than 6 you may be an entrepreneur at heart! 1. You are the ultimate optimist. Entrepreneurs are fearless; they know their hard work and money they put in will eventually pay off. Robert Irvine, chef believes an entrepreneur will see the potential when others only see risks and will then avoid...
Ever see those people that come into the office Monday morning looking lost? No plan. No idea what they need to do. With no chance of hitting the ground running... I am not saying take away from a family day, but if you're just sitting on your ass and watching TV, why not use that time to help you get a...

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