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Ever see those new hire welcome kits? They come with a company branded mug, T-shirt, pen, usually something techie like an iPad or MacBook. I want to flip the script and give new  grads new hires: An Iron Clorox Laundry Pens Dryer Sheets Starch Dry Cleaning Coupons First impressions matter in all aspects of life. Something I learned on the sales ...
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No one gives it to you. You have to take it." 1 of my favorite quotes from The Departed because it was something I learned very early in my life. I remember as an early teenager the days of wishing things were better or different. That dreaming led to nowhere. It took work, putting yourself out there for rejection and...
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I have heard this line a lot over the last five years: “I just want a job where I can work my 40, make $100k and live a good life.” So sure, I bet a bulk of people would love to do that. The issue is, I don’t know many people that are doing it. This post isn’t about the top 1%...
You are not owed anything
I caught part of the radio piece on 97.1 today (Detroit) and had to do a little digging on Wilton Speight leaving U of M. On the radio they made it sound like Speight thought he was owed the spot. I only did a quick search and here is what MLIVE had as a quote "Then the first spring practice happened,...
Robinhood - Once upon a time, a startup worth $1 billion or more was considered to be a rare, almost mythical thing — a unicorn. But in the past few years, unicorns have become far more plentiful, more like horses. A year ago, the venture capital industry looked like it was going to tighten its belt and bring valuations back to...

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