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About is a place for the builders.

We inform people, educate them, and help Capitalists to do business with people who share their love of freedom.

The modern-day “mission statement” is the ABOUT page.

People should have a say in what the community of people who interact on it holds dear.

For instance, we believe that there is already enough argue back and forth media. We are not against it – we all enjoy a spirited debate. We just think it’s not missing.

What do others think?

It matters. There is no place where people can talk economics, finance, business, and society from a free market perspective without it devolving into shouting and name calling.

Should there be? Does saying we are going to try to keep it civil serve to curtail people’s self-expression and sensibilities?

There is also a need for voices.

Eloquent people need to have a platform where they can promote and defend important ideas.

If you have something to say about why we need more people building businesses, creating art, and improving our communities then we want to be the ones that builds you a stage.

Feel free to contact us weith any queries.