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Amazon May Be Going North!

Amazon is looking for a second headquarters, and recent events will likely affect the new northern location.

Twenty have made Amazon’s list of potential locations, with one location being non-US based.

Some states are even willing to give them tax incentives.  Even with this, they still might find themselves short of making the cut.  Amazon wants a stable and business-friendly environment.

Amazon is looking for a long-term solution and wants to stay clear of political debates that could affect the operation of its business.

Amazon is looking at Toronto, Canada as a potential HQ2 location.

What is affecting Amazon’s decision?

After the last couple weeks with the recent school shooting, many places are getting affected because companies are getting increased pressure to cut their ties with NRA.

Delta, whose headquarters is in Atlanta recently had a $50 million tax exemption on jet fuel get revoked after Delta announced that it would no longer offer discounts to NRA members.

This worries Amazon, as this looks very unstable to them, especially when incentives are not written in stone.

Amazon is also being urged to not put their HQ2 in states that do not protect its workers from LGBTQ rights.  There are 9 states that do not have protection currently for its LGBTQ workers.

This might be enough for Amazon to decide that Canada is more attractive as its new HQ2 location.  Flying north, where things might be more stable for the company, is looking like it might be an easier and more viable option.

Sonia Rina Davies is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, and personal development coach. She is an outspoken advocate of the free market economy and has helped countless clients identify their core values, envision and realize goals that resonate with those values. She oversees several businesses both online and offline.

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