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Attract, Grow, Retain and Profit As a Small Business

Keeping customers, acquiring new customers, growing a company, managing every part of a small business can be a juggling act.  Finding a good balance while growing your customer base is key to a successful business.

So what do you do as a small business to compete in today’s world?

What’s The Problem?

This is why your business exists; you are solving someone’s problem.  Identifying that problem and continuing to deliver to your customers a solution to their problem, will keep them trusting you and coming back for more.  Keep finding out what keeps them up at night and see what you can do to help them.

Be An Open Book

Be honest and forthcoming with your customers.  Nobody likes to be duped and if you aren’t honest with them, this will be the quickest way to lose them.  Tell them what is going on with their account, explain problems if they come up, admit it if you made a mistake. Be honest about the service you can provide them, so your customer doesn’t get confused.

Keep Customers

Keeping your customers happy while maintaining the quality of the service is something that sometimes gets overlooked.  Do whatever it takes to keep that customer.  They already have shown that they trust you enough to buy from you.  What they experience needs to be something they would want to tell their friends about, so make sure that you communicate with them, quickly and effectively, knock their socks off if you can.

Referrals Program

Encourage referrals by incentivizing your current clients by bringing them to you.  Who knows better who else might benefit from your service?

Strength is Power

Working in your strength is more effective than trying to do every part of the business, that you might not like doing.  Look at tools to help with areas that you are not strong in, like a more automated marketing system that keeps the interaction between you and your potential customers.  Keep track of these accounts in project management software to keep marketers, sales reps and managers all informed about what is going on all in one area.

Manage Your Customers

The easiest way to do this is with a Customer Relationship Management Tool.  By building a more customized relationship with them, you will make them feel important.  It will make it easier for you to identify their buying preferences so you can talk to them in their language and know what they want.  Using a more automated system to talk to them will make sure that communication is kept up on a regular basis.

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