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The $100K Life For The Masses

I have heard this line a lot over the last five years: “I just want a job where I can work my 40, make $100k and live a good life.”

So sure, I bet a bulk of people would love to do that. The issue is, I don’t know many people that are doing it.

This post isn’t about the top 1% in their field where money rains from the sky for them, this is for everyone else has this dream of decent money and the work-life – balance you desire.

The issue is, I don’t know many people that are doing it. Sure you can make $100k+ as a business owner, but you don’t get days off, you’re on the clock 7 days a week, that is the life we live. A price must be paid to earn $100k as a business owner unless you’re extremely talented.

Some consultants make much more than $100k often working less than 40 hours, but they are world class at their craft (well, most of the time anyway.)

Some sales people make $100k+ on a 40, but they also take calls and emails after hours to get big deals done.

The thing you must keep in mind is that the handful that do earn a ton of money on a straight 40, probably worked a hell of a lot more than 40 to get to that level in the first place. You don’t see many real SME’s at 25 years old. They are out there, but not many when you consider the entire workforce.

You’re going to have to have a skill, craft, expertise or some kind of talent to achieve this. Otherwise, you’re going to get to the $100k mark like most people: by taking on more work and putting in more hours because the last time I checked, no one is just handing out freebie money these days.

Become world class at something, become someone with an expertise that is of great value. Get so good that you’re worth $100 an hour, that way you only need to work 20 hours a week to make $100,000.

The masses earning more than $100,000 by working more, have an expertise or both. From partners at law firms to doctors to a project manager on a massive project with tight deadlines, they get paid $$$$$$ but it’s not a clean 40 hours.

Everyone wants it all, but it’s not very easy to attain. If you want to learn more about this, I suggest picking up Mastery by Robert Greene.

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The $100K Life For The Masses

by Sonia Landry time to read: 2 min