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Top Capitalist Companies of 2017

The results of a survey of the top 15 companies for 2017 that demonstrating better capitalism was released.

Things considered for these companies to make it into the top 15:

  • workers,
  • customers,
  • products,
  • environment,
  • communities,
  • jobs,
  • management,
  • shareholders.

Better companies place real value on the human aspect of their business, rather than seeking only short-term gains.

The results are below.  The chosen companies demonstrated that they place more value on employee relationships and less value on relationships with senior management and shareholders.

Microsoft – Technology company, Redmond, Washington

Management and shareholders:  Ethical management practices, including incentivizing tying executive bonuses to criteria like customer satisfaction and promoting diversity internally.

Workers: Offering exceptional work-life balance with flexible scheduling, and pays fairly across all demographics.

Communities: Works with the United Nations to provide resources for human rights research, and publicly released a list of its top 100 ethical suppliers.

IBM – Cloud and cognitive computing company, Armonk, New York

Communities: Ethically sources its materials, and publicly reports supply chain audits.

Workers: Employee training programs having $1 billion dollars dedicated to it, over the next four years.

Environment: Protects environmental resources it uses.

NVIDIA – Semiconductor and consumer tech company, Santa Clara, California

Workers: Ranking first overall for its treatment of employees. Achieving equal pay across its demographic by conducting semi-annual pay analyses that measure 90 metrics. Generous parental leave with 22 weeks for mothers and 12 weeks for fathers, adoptive parents, and foster parents.  All these parents receive additional eight weeks of flexible work schedule.

Communities: Ranking high in its community relations, including how it sources materials and deals with international governments.

Products: Ranks first for creating products that do not have a negative effect on the environment, and provides fair pricing to customers.

Communities: While they might lag in domestic job creation, it’ has great community relations for all of its global offices.

Intel – Semiconductor company, Santa Clara, California

Workers: Equal pay for particular positions, regardless of gender or any other demographic.

Communities: They have strict guidelines for not working with companies that abuse employees or with countries that oppress their citizens. Important to them is also using local suppliers for raw materials and resources.

Products: Working hard towards full sustainability, a good start having 75% of its packaging is sustainable.

Texas Instruments – Semiconductor company, Dallas, Texas

Products: They have invested heavily in sustainability research which has allowed utility companies to cut energy use by up to 15%, thus making them rank first in this category.

Workers: Pays a living wage, and leads its industry for paying a fair wage. They have non-discriminatory hiring, firing, and promoting.

Procter & Gamble – Consumer goods company, Cincinnati, Ohio

Workers: Senior management rated highly by their employees.

Environment: They have long-term environmental goals, which they share publicly, one of them is using renewable energy to power their plants.

Jobs: Leader for jobs in the US.

AT&T – Telecommunications company, Dallas, Texas

Products: Many products for its disabled consumers.

Workers: They have a huge diversity of the whole company structure, including its executive level.

Jobs: Provides many American jobs.

Alphabet Inc. –  Tech company, Mountain View, California

Workers: Great benefits, compensation, and career opportunities.

Environment: Alphabet’s companies, which is primarily Google, has scored high for their water, electricity, and fuel efficiency.

Jobs: High number of Americans employed.

Nike – Sports equipment and apparel company, Washington County, Oregon

Communities: A change from the 1990s where Nike’s supply chain had been publically seen to have labor abuses.  Now is transparent about having higher-quality relationships with its suppliers.

Workers: Ranking first in its industry for having excellent relationships with its employees.  Having fair pay practices, better benefits for new parents and support for workers with an ill relative got them there.

Products: They have found creative ways to stay sustainable; they now share publicly a list of substances that are restricted.

Symantec – Software company, Mountain View, California

Workers: From 2014 to 2020 is committed to increasing its female employees by 15%, while also creating exceptional training programs.

Products: Protecting its customers from cyber attacks.

Communities: Tied for first for its relations between officers and their community.

Adobe Systems – Software company, San Jose, California

Workers: Great medical leave policies, generous parental leave and is committed to equal pay.

Environment:  Waste management policies made it so no environmental penalties or fines were issued in 2016.

Communities: Choosy about who they do business with.

Cisco Systems – Networking hardware company, San Jose, California

Products: They recycle 99% of their disassembled products, plus having products and packaging, which are environmentally friendly.

Workers: Workers safety and pay are a top priority.  They handle grievances and layoffs eloquently.

Communities: They will not do business with any company that abuses its workers.

Rockwell Automation – Industrial automation company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Environment: As an industry leader in how it manages its wastes.

Communities: Sources locally when possible.

Workers: Monitors employee engagement and figures out what worked and didn’t work every three years. – Cloud computing company, San Francisco, California

Workers:  Having outstanding benefits, like unlimited vacation time, sabbatical leave and a generous 401k make them stand out.  Furthermore, in 2016 the company spent $3 million in order to achieve equal pay all positions.

Communities: Matches up to $5,000 in charitable donations and provides 7 days of paid volunteer time annually.

Customers: Almost entirely free of customer-related controversies.

Accenture – Professional services company, Dublin, Ireland

Environment: First in this category, for having the best energy sustainability initiatives across its global offices.

Workers: Diversity goals made is so by 2016 over half of its employees were non-white.  Their goal for 2020 is that have at least 40% of their workforce woman, with 25% globally in management.

Customers: They have truthful advertising and transparent sales policies.


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