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Get Paid While Traveling The World

Many of us dream of traveling, but it is out of reach for most financially.

After all, if the world is a book, not travelling means you only read one page…

Today there are more and more ways to travel cheaper, while also having opportunities to get paid while doing it.

If you aren’t afraid of work here are a few ways to travel and get paid at the same time.

Instagram influencer

If you are lucky to be a great influencer with many, many followers, there are ways to grow this and make some serious money.

You can get paid to promote various brands and travel to different locations around the world.

The real key to this is to get many followers, start it before you even leave.

Doing research for a travel guidebook

Maybe not the easiest or lucrative way to make money but it is an option.

Reportedly this isn’t a vacation, many guidebook researchers have grueling deadlines, are overworked and underpaid.

But maybe in you are in your 20’s and don’t care too much about making a tone of money, you can make enough to live and see the sights.

Teach English

Probably the most popular and well paid is to teach English.  Sometimes not even needed a bachelor’s degree.

Schools in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East are always looking for qualified teachers.  Often some of these schools don’t require you to even speak the native language.

If you have a bachelor degree and can speak English, you could make a pretty good living in these countries.

Trading in foreign goods

Traveling to find those special, exotic and handmade goods can be a great way to make some money.  Especially when you get back home and can sell them for a huge profit.

Writing for the New York Times

New this year is New York Times 52 Places to Go.

One person gets to spend a week in each place and reports their life on the road.  This year the position went to Jada Yuan, a veteran New York magazine editor.

If successful this could be you next year, maybe start working on your application now?

Flight attendant

Becoming a flight attendant doesn’t have bad pay, anywhere from $45,000 to $100,000 a year while only working 80 hours a month.

An extra bonus is they also get free travel benefits for themselves and their family.

Tour guide

Having the right personality out of the gate for this job, might be key.  You will have to be very friendly and entraining at all times, especially if you want good tips.

Now, do you become a tour guide in one place or longer trips with a few destination points?

You can make a pretty good living at either one and see new places but it might find you doing some freelance work unless you can get a contract or full-time gig.

Cruise line work

Traveling to exotic places for free on a cruise ship sounds interesting to you?

Although the hours are long, there are many jobs to choose from with perks such as crew dining halls, shops, Internet cafes, gyms, party areas, and organized activities, which can make the long hours fun.

Destination wedding photographer

This is a highly competitive business.  But if you have a skill and even better yet a reputation as being a great photographer, the pay is great.

It does have a little higher cost to get started because you need things like a computer, camera, lenses, editing software, portfolio, website, and, possibly training.

Many wedding photographers get $10,000 a trip plus their airfare, meals, and incidentals paid for.

Write a book of your travels

Although many authors won’t see a dime, chances are if you are a great writer you could have a ringer that sees royalties and checks coming in regularly.

If you have the courage to try this, you could be living the traveling lifestyle you want.

Travel blog or vlog

Not for the lazy in mind, being a travel blogger is a lot of work, while traveling lots.

It does take some time to build up, which means you can travel around for a year before you see a good amount of money coming in.

Join the Peace Corps

Not a decision to make lightly, this requires a 27-month commitment while working in developing countries with few modern animates.

This can be a very rewarding experience as you get to make a difference in the other people’s lives.

Be prepared for an extensive application and interview, but once in your travel expenses, living expenses and other benefits are part of the deal.

Working remotely on side-gigs

Have some skills, a laptop, and the Internet?  Places like Fiverr and Upwork can be great side-gigs to make some money while traveling.

Once you build a reputation and even better if you already have skills in coding, graphic design, writing, translation, or editing, you can make some pretty good money.

Become a nanny

Working as an international nanny, an au pair can be a great way to see new cultures.

You live with the family, take care of their children in exchange for travel, room, board and some pocket money.  Some even prefer if you just speak English to help their children become more fluent.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Go WWOOF’ing.

This can be interesting, as a volunteer you work a set period in exchange for food and a place to stay.

You can stay for as little or as long as you want, you just have to pay to get there.

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Get Paid While Traveling The World

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