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How Not to Get Eaten on Shark Tank

5 Suggestions

If a company isn’t making enough revenue to sustain it, then you simply do not have a successful business.  There are a few smart choices that can be made to make it so a business is viable – here are 5 suggestions.

Know your key performance indicators (KPIs)

A customer’s lifetime value (CLV) is one of the top KPIs that a company will benefit from knowing.  Knowing costs like how much a customer spends with you over the course of their life or what are your new customer acquisition costs.  Having these numbers and finding ways to balance them is a great way start to boosting revenue.

Data is your friend

Every company needs some sort of data analysis.  Figuring out what the best data your company needs it key.  For example, a metal fabrication plant might want to keep data on raw steel costs, this way they can maybe figure out what time of year is best to buy or maybe a pizza company might want to keep data on how much waste they have daily, so they know what not to make too much of.

Pull data from various platforms

To get deeper insights get some cross-source data analysis.  This requires pulling data from various platforms.  Integrating this into one well-rounded model so you have good data, this will make it easier to analyze your data.  By getting software that allows you to pull data from multiple inputs it will help you find new ways to boost your revenue.

The benefits of giving discounts

Sometimes giving discounts are done when a company is struggling but also it has been shown that it could increase its revenue.  Why?  Because many people like getting a deal and are more likely to buy from you when you offer them one.  This has potential to boost revenue in large amounts.

Online conversions

This is a little different than in physical retail.  Knowing how to best convert people online has a few moving part, but if you want to increase your revenue you really need to understand this.  When it comes to your checkout process the fewer steps the better.  Also, have a way to convert your cart abandonment.  Do lots of email marketing.  Look at your overall website design.  Build know, like, trust.  A strong presence and customer experience will make more people happy at the checkout and increase your revenue.

If you don’t have good revenue you don’t have a business, consider these suggestions to boost your overall revenue.

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How Not to Get Eaten on Shark Tank

by Sonia Landry time to read: 2 min