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Rhode Island Sex Tax?

Politicians can sometimes get pretty creative with different ways they can find to collect money from more and more people.

Sex is a big seller but the government has not figured out how to tax sex yet..

But two Rhode Island state senators have introduced a new legislation that would tax pornography and require that ISP customers pay a tax or levy to regain access to it.

This new legislation requires the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block offensive and sexual material.

So what will be considered sexual or offensive? Our guess is that it is different, depending on to whom you are speaking – we can only imagine what will be blocked.

Once the content has been blocked by ISPs, Rhode Island residents would be required to present gov’t issued ID to prove they are over 18 along with their payment of $20 to have access to such material.

ISPs have been shouldered with the responsibility to enforce this law.  They are required to collect money from all paid users and pass the revenue on to Rhode Island Treasury quarterly.

If the ISP fails to block the content effectively, and a complaint is filed against them, the fine for each incidence is $500.

Pretty creative for these two senators, can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!


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Rhode Island Sex Tax?

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