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401k, Inventions and Capitalism

Since capitalism has started you can’t find a year without great inventions…

Think of all the changes and all the advances in technology.  Imagine a world without cars, light bulbs, computers, and indoor plumbing.  Even greater in the last few years, with 3D printers and cars that drive themselves with GPS.

Healthcare has seen its share of advances from the pill to better treatment for cancer and HIV patients.  Even babies aren’t made like they used to be, now with in-vitro fertilization becoming more popular.

These innovations are running wild, some may get delayed with the economics going up and down, and others may thrive or become obsolete over time.

As we strive to improve life more and more, people will be looking to solve these problems.

This means the quality of life improves for everyone and not just the 1%.  The compound effect of innovations makes business flourish.

With creators creating, regular folks being able to buy stocks, allows us to share in the wealth.  Stocks are all about the ability for us to create and channel through with capitalism.  This is why economics grow above inflation and why stocks have beaten all other similarly liquid assets combined since capitalism began.

This is the same reason why buying stocks in your 401(k) when you are young, hold them for the long term, is the best investment. It lets these inventions transfer wealth to you.

What could be better?  You can enjoy life better, with more wealth 🙂

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401k, Inventions and Capitalism

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