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Can Capitalism Rescue US Healthcare?

With single-payer health care looming, some say that it’s because capitalism has failed.

But think about it for a minute, does this really make sense?

Let us explore what Capitalism is…

Capitalism is about turning scarcity into abundance, as much as that is possible with given resources.  Capitalism delivers, at a much lower price for everyone, what was once quite expensive.  This happens with everything from cars to cell phones to flights and cruises.   All of these things have been made affordable as a direct re4sult of a generally free market, capitalist economy, where our dollars vote for who or what we see as consumers as the best deal that serves us in the most optimum way.  If this can be done for us in these areas, can it not also be done for healthcare?

This is what we want – more affordable healthcare…

The U.S. healthcare system ranks last currently, which unfortunately means healthcare is not guaranteed for all U.S. citizens. It is also way too often inaccessible to those who need it because treatment is very expensive.

With so much overwhelming evidence indicating that capitalism reduces the price of goods and services, as opposed to what happened with the ever-rising costs of health insurance under the ObamaCare program.

Even with the failure of ObamaCare, many Americans still think that the government is the solution to our healthcare woes.  Some maintain that the only way to reduce healthcare costs is to have the government heavily involved in it.

Many who supported things like ObamaCare also like the national healthcare systems that have been put in places like in Canada, the U.K., and Europe.  Ironically, many who can afford it from these countries will come to the U.S. for operations because of shorter wait times in the U.S., but you will see very few of us Americans go to other countries for treatment.

With the numerous positive aspects of capitalism, it can turn something that was formerly very expensive to us at much lower prices for everyone.

What do we want our healthcare of the future to look like?

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Can Capitalism Rescue US Healthcare?

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