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The Truth About Capitalism and Earth Day

Celebrating earth day 2018, we can reflect a little on how far we have come and how we have progressed in so many ways.

Some blame Capitalism on the state of the earth, but really capitalism has helped us so much with how we live.  We sometimes forget that if it wasn’t for capitalism things like bacterias would still be running rampant in our environment.

The invention of penicillin, which we may take for granted, has saved countless lives, along with the commercial, financial and transportation infrastructures, which allowed these life-saving antibiotics to be widely available.

Bacterias are pollutants and thanks to capitalism, many don’t have to worry about this little monster as much.  Due to capitalism, advances in medical science have been made that have reduced the effect of bacterias on our lives.  We now have refrigeration, which reduces bacteria in our food.  Machines and detergents keep our clothes clean and let us not forget about indoor plumbing.

The products of the free market have abated bacterial pollution. Once you begin to realize this, you will start to notice that there are many other ways in which our lives have been helped by capitalism and keeping our world clean.

Think about the roof over your head.  Really a marvel and a departure from how our ancestors lived beneath thatched roofs, living with mice, rats, birds, spiders and countless bugs crawling around.  Our floors were filthy and laden with bodily wastes and carcasses.

Hard roofs and solid floors were made possible only by industrial capitalism, which greatly reduced the costs of producing these marvels for everyone.

Capitalism has helped keep our world clean – we no longer have urine and feces on our streets and sidewalks. And when automobiles die, their carcasses don’t rot in public and attract vermin and flies that then spread filth into our homes, schools, and workplaces.

Modern capitalism is revealed to be not only a source of great material abundance but has created a cleaner environment for we humans.

It’s easy to see how much less polluted and less dangerous our lives are compared to earlier in history and we can thank capitalism for bringing us this remarkable achievement.

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The Truth About Capitalism and Earth Day

by Sonia Landry time to read: 1 min