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Sun Power For Florida!

The Florida power market will soon have Sunnova Energy Corp offer homeowners the ability to generate power with their own self-generated energy.

Sunnova Energy Corp is a privately held, U.S residential solar and energy storage service provider since 2012.

The Sunshine State customers will be provided with 25 years peace of mind with a solar finance agreement, the best warranty, and creation of jobs for its residents.

William J. Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy Corp said, “Recent regulatory decisions over the last year signal that the skies are clearing for solar in Florida and we are thrilled to be expanding our solar service into the state so that consumers have confidence in their ability to generate their own clean energy.

The demand for solar in the United States is growing and we are excited to help foster Florida’s clean, distributed energy future.

Residence will be able to have their own system through Sunnova’s Easy Own Plan.

Great news for residents who want this technology conveniently.

Scott Thomasson, Southeast Director of Vote Solar said, “The future of solar keeps getting brighter in the Sunshine State.  We’re glad to see more companies bringing free-market energy choices to Florida families across the state. Business investments like these help Florida-based companies thrive and create new jobs.”

Florida wants more and Sunnova is taking action

“Consumers are beginning to demand more when it comes to their energy options—more options, more flexibility, better service—and Sunnova will be there to offer them just that through our consumer solar finance and service agreement,” said Meghan Nutting, EVP of Government Affairs for Sunnova Energy Corporation.

Sunnova already provides for over 60,000 customers, with a goal of providing more with affordable, worry-free solar energy and battery storage technology that generates long-term value.

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Sun Power For Florida!

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