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A Capitalism Memoir Worth Reading

Home Depot after 40 years is now ranked one of the nation’s largest publicly held companies.

When it first started out, there were only two small home-improvement outlets in Georgia, now it is a nationwide empire.

According to Ken Langone, a key investment banker who helped found the outlet store in 1978 says Home Depot owes its entire success to the American capitalist system.


Because of all the opportunities provided by capitalism allowed him to rise from poverty with hard work to then establish the multi-billion dollar franchise

Langone loves capitalism and is helping the younger generation understand it.

“If I can make it, everyone can!” Langone said, adding that this is why he decided to write a memoir, to help our confused young adults why capitalism (not socialism) is the answer to their problems

With now millennials making up the largest generation in America we’re seeing them be confused and think that socialism or even communism is a viable alternative.

This is all thanks to Bernie Sanders, a failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate, a man who’s never held a real job and never started a business.  Somehow he believes he can steer the next generation into the right direction.

Langone has more of the answers the younger generation wants, he is actually a successful entrepreneur

“I disagree with socialism not because I’m a rich guy trying to hold on to my money. I disagree because socialism is based on the false notion that we should all be exactly equal in every single way.”

Langone understands that success isn’t determined by what a man or woman is born with, but rather by what they choose to do with himself or herself.

Langone chose to use the opportunities and resources available to him to build a business empire.  His memoir is set to be published May 15th.

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A Capitalism Memoir Worth Reading

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