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How to Learn From a Successful Entrepreneur

Here are some tips to help with your challenging journey.

Strong Values

Be true to yourself and operate in an authentic manner.  By being the best version of you every day, strive to find people to do business with that are like-minded.  This will help you avoid unpleasant situations, cultivate positivity and be able to enjoy the people you work with more.  Be excited to get out of bed every morning, smile even if you are tired.

Get a Mentor

The help of an experienced entrepreneur is something you need.  They will help guide you by providing the right advice at the right time and help answer the many questions you will have.  The best thing about this is once you get a few years under your belt, you can return the favor to another budding entrepreneur and be a mentor yourself.

Start Thinking

Don’t look for the easy way out, develop a way of systematic thinking, and refine it as you go.  This will help you solve any problem that comes your way.

It’s Okay To Fail

Failure is valuable, it makes you realize you are not invincible and that you need time to learn and develop the necessary skills.  Learn what your deficiencies are and act on them.  Building a good product takes time, which inevitably you will have some battle scars that you learned from.

Follow Your Gut

In a startup, you need to have the ability to make a decision and take action where there is no data available.  Developing your intuition muscle to make intuitive decisions will keep you moving.  Pay attention to how effective this is and if it needs improving, just keep practicing until you get it better next time.

Great Ideas

Explore those great ideas that touch on market gaps and solving customer problems.  Research ideas with your network, figure out your riskiest assumption, and test your theories first before committing; you may find you get even better ideas during this exploration process.

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How to Learn From a Successful Entrepreneur

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