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Denuclearization of North Korea

Now that we have had time to digest the most historic handshake between two-world leaders.  What do we think?

Last Tuesday U.S. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, meeting eased decades of tension.

North Korea has been known to be dangerous but that didn’t stop Trump from going to meet the leader

“We’re prepared to start a new history, and we’re ready to write a new chapter,” Trump said at a news conference after the one-day summit in Singapore. He said this meeting was the, “First, bold step for a brighter future.”

Leader Kim also said while standing in front of U.S. and North Korean flags, “The world will see a major change”.

With these two wanting change, it made it possible for them to sit together and both basked in the meeting for its legendary achievement.

This is a big contrast from less than a year ago when the two were at odds. The North Korean leader even commented on real estate possibilities in the Hermit Kingdom, which is one of the most isolated countries in the world.

It was nice to see the two men standing as equals on stage, and Trump said he was “Honored” to be there.  Trump also stated, “At the appropriate time” he would invite Kim to visit the White House.

For now, Trump said tough sanctions on North Korea would remain in place until the denuclearization process was well underway. But he said the United States would stop the joint military exercises with South Korea and at some point down the road, Trump would like to withdraw U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula.

Kim reaffirmed the commitment he made in the Panmunjom Declaration with South Korea in April “To work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

Human rights issues were briefly discussed but Trump said there was “Not much I can do right now” about the thousands of North Koreans imprisoned in labor camps.

Talks were more around denuclearization; Trump said he believes Kim is committed to denuclearization, a process that would begin very soon

Next will come negotiations called for in the accord, led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a senior North Korean official. They are promised to begin “At the earliest possible date, to implement the outcomes.”

Time will only tell if this historic meeting was a breakthrough or not, but this historic handshake does matter and will stand forever in history.

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Denuclearization of North Korea

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