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Capitalism Saves Oliver

Oliver Cameron was born in the United Kingdom with a large cardiac fibroma, which is a large non-cancerous tumor in the heart.

This condition rare, with no doctor in the U.K. able to operate, the family was told that a heart transplant was their only option.

The Cameron family didn’t like the opting for waiting for a heart transplant for a simple reason. Under socialized health care, it is common for the patient to die waiting for their procedure. Operation waiting lists and donor waiting lists are a death sentence under socialized healthcare systems throughout the world.

Lydia Cameron, Oliver’s mom started doing her own research.  Not wanting their baby to die, research led them to the Boston Children’s Hospital, where the exact surgery that was needed for their son, just had successfully been completed by Dr. Pedro del Nido and Dr. Tal Geva.

They family forwarded Oliver’s medical records to the hospital and were told that Oliver would be a good candidate for the surgery.

The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), a socialized form of health care used by the U.K., stated they would not pay for Oliver’s surgery nor would they offer to pay for transport to Boston Children’s Hospital.

With not having the support of their own country the Cameron family began their own fundraising campaign in order to raise the money for the surgery and the transportation costs to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Luckily for the family, there was a relentless barrage of negative press and calls from concerned citizens, against NHS, which then finally relented. They agreed to allow Baby Oliver to be discharged from the NHS hospital for treatment in the United States and also offered to pay for the surgery.

NHS also sent two cardiologists to Boston with Oliver in order to learn more about cardiac fibroma and the manner in which it is treated.

Oliver had his 8 hours surgery in November of 2017, with the surgery going better than expected.

 “So when they told us he had removed all of it, we were so happy we just burst into tears,” said Lydia.

Oliver strong will continued to surprise doctors through his extremely rapid recovery and was able to go back home to the U.K. by Christmas 2017.

“This experience has shown us how much good there is in the world.  So many people supported us along the way, from near and far. And without Dr. Geva and Dr. del Nido, we would have lost Oliver. Miracles do happen, and we are grateful to be celebrating ours.”  said Lydia.

The Cameron family took this fight and were extremely lucky to have been able to bring Oliver to the United States for treatment.

But not everyone is so lucky there are many other children in the U.K. that could have benefited from treatment in the United States or elsewhere.  What NHS does is they strip parents of their right to make decisions that could save their child’s life. The NHS demanded that these children, “die with dignity” while refusing the parents the opportunity to try another treatment elsewhere.

We can only hope that these doctors who traveled to Boston from the U.K with Baby Oliver, not only learned about how to treat cardiac fibroma but also learned that a capitalist healthcare system is a more effective way to treat patients.

In the capitalist system, everything is done to save a child’s life.

Oliver Cameron saved by capitalists.

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Capitalism Saves Oliver

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