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How to Get a Better Handle On Your Finances, Career & Life

Give these personal finance books a read.

Smart Couples Finish Rich: 9 Steps To Creating A Rich Future For You and Your Partner by David Bach.

This book, which has recently been revised, makes sure that couples get the most modern information. It breaks down all aspects of financial planning for couples from determining your shared values and goals, to how to get started with investing.

End The Financial Stress Now: Immediate Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Financial Outlook by Emily Guy Birken.

There are many radical ideas in the book, which help you make changes to your money mindset, so you can end financial stressing, no matter your income. All her advice is backed up with academic research into the psychology of money. With many actionable items in this book, it will help you find your way around money.

Get Money: Live The Life You Want, Not Just The Life You Can Afford by Kristin Wong.

As a personal finance expert, she has made learning about money in this book fun. The book will help you raise your personal finance I.Q. by making it fun and easier to learn it.

Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself! Crush The Excuses That Are Holding You Back by John Taffer.

Not really a financial book the book will help you make better decisions in all aspects of your life, including financial ones. This book is broken down into 6 different excuses we make around, fear, lack of knowledge, lack of time, circumstance, ego and scarcity of time or resources. Taffer knows how me might be BS ourselves and goes into detail about what might using to hold us back from what we really want. He doesn’t just point out the problems he ends each chapter with a to-do list of actionable items and objectives to help you get out of your own way.

Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me To Master My Mind, My Emotions and My Money (with a Little Help From My Dad) by Danielle Town.

The daughter of bestselling financial author and successful investor Phil Town, Danielle eventually realized that learning the ins-and-outs of investing would offer her financial freedom that no other skill could give her. Having learned Warrant Buffett’s styles she help you invest in companies with missions that match your values. No complex math or obsolete financials in this book, you don’t even need an MBA to master investment strategies.

Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together by Erin Lowry

This book written by a millennial for millennia’s offers great advice that is relatable to. In this book, he covers a lot of basic financial information that any young adult might need, like ideal benchmarks to hit to be on track financially, breakdowns of various financial products and how to overcome mental blocks about money. This book will help anyone new to being an adult, who is broke to financial literacy.

You Can Retire Early! Everything You Need To Achieve Financial Independence When You Want It by Deacon Hayes.

Hayes does a great job in this book at outlining the specific skills and strategies you can use to retire when you want. This book helps you develop a personalized retirement plan and gives you good advice on selecting the right investment vehicles, maximizing income, reduce debt and how to stick to the plan, so you can succeed in your financial planning.

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How to Get a Better Handle On Your Finances, Career & Life

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