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Want A ConBody?

Can you become a real business owner from prison?

Coss Marte started his business “Shark Tank” style in prison. After spending 7 years in prison he is now the CEO of ConBody.

ConBody is a prison-style physical boot camp that has reached 22 countries and has 10’s of thousands of customers.

While in prison, he had the idea to start his own legit company. This in spite of the fact that he could easily make millions a year selling drugs again.

Marte graduated from a non-profit program by Defy Ventures. The program mandate is to connect prisoners with professional mentors that help them start businesses. The “CEO of Your New Life” program runs for 6 months.

The program, still running at Wallkill Correctional Facility in upstate New York, saw 25 more EIT (Defy doesn’t believe in using the term inmate) come to the end of their training to become the next Coss Marte.

A Second Chance with ConBody

Everyone wants a second chance, and this is what they get at Wallkill Correctional Facility. They have the opportunity to pitch 50 executives with their ideas. EIT’s receive a cash prize from Defy once¬† released from prison

The program closes the gap between executives and EITs, who are often divided because of their circumstances.

It’s a great day when they are ready to graduate from the program, the men all receive certificates of business administration from Baylor University.

Marte and ConBody is an inspiration to all EITs, he came from being a drug dealer, then going to jail, to leaving prison and starting his own business by helping inmates to be healthier and more fit.

Marte is doing pretty good – he has his business growing and is making a decent living. Other ex-convicts are hoping for the same success by taking the Defy program and getting further business coaching outside of prison with help from venture capitalists along the way.

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Want A ConBody?

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