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I Love Capitalism! An American Story by Ken Langone

Why did Ken Langone write ” I Love Capitalism! An American Story “?

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone a billionaire tells us in “I Love Capitalism! An American Story” that even though capitalism isn’t perfect socialism is no match for it.

Langone, a poor boy from Long Island started out on Wall Street as billionaire Ross Perot’s banker. He would then go on to co-found Home Depot.

Having helped found Home Depot with Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, Home Depot is now the world’s largest home improvement retailer with a market cap of around $230 billion.

Success isn’t just about Ken – he points out that some of his employees have moved on to become multi-millionaires.

Langone is so proud that he was motivated to write, “I Love Capitalism! An American Story.”

In his memoir, he outlines his unique path to success

“This book is my love song to capitalism. Capitalism works!

…and I’m living proof, it works for everybody. Absolutely anybody is entitled to dream big, and absolutely everybody should dream big. I did.

Show me where the silver spoon was in my mouth. I’ve got to argue profoundly and passionately: “I’m the American Dream.”

Langone believes America’s biggest problem is income inequality, as he said, “If we don’t fix income inequality you know what happens? Cuba happens, Venezuela happens, Russia happens.

The point is, we’ve got to help people and the best way out is to offer them opportunities where they can develop not only their own skills but their sense of self-worth. When you take away from me my sense of personal belief in myself, nothing is left.”

In “I Love Capitalism! An American Story”, Ken tells the story of his unlikely rise and controversial career. It’s also a passionate defense of the American Dream. This is a country in which any hungry kid can reach the maximum potential of his or her talents and work ethic.

Langone goes on to tell how he struggled to get an education. Finally getting into Wall Street and working hard at night to get his MBA while competing by day with more privileged competitors.

His ultimate theme in this book is that free enterprise is the key to giving everyone a leg up. We believe his memoir will inspire you as well, to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

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I Love Capitalism! An American Story by Ken Langone

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