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South Africa Land Seizure of White-Owned Farms

After white farm owners refused to sell their farm for one-tenth of its current value to the government, their farms are now being targeted in South Africa land seizure by the government.

The first two farm owners targeted in South Africa land seizure are game farmers in the northern province of Limpopo.

The government although seizing them also intends to pay

One owner Akkerland Boerdery is saying he wants $18.7 million for his land and the South Africa land seizure only offered $1.87 million.

These farmers are expected to allow an audit of the farm’s assets and them handing over of the farm’s keys to the state.

What makes it difficult for these farmers is that they are not being given the opportunity to dispute the claim in court, even though the law requires it.

The government apparently has a list of farms and plans to amend the country’s constitution to allow expropriation of land without compensation.

These two farms are really a test for the government’s ability to take land under the current laws. There are at least 130 more seizures planned in order to continue to test out Section 25 of the constitution.

Since 1994 the government has followed a “willing seller, willing buyer” in order to redistribute white-owned farms back to the blacks.

If these seizures go ahead they will be the first time the state has refused to pay market value for the land.

The black population is feeling there has been an injustice for some time now. A 2017 audit is what shook things up when the audit found that whites accounted for 8.9% of the population. They owned 72% of private farmland in South Africa.

A civil rights group Afriforum, is representing the white minority and has released a leaked list of 190 farms. They are asking farmers to check if they are on the list. They suggest contacting them if on the list so they can prepare legal action against the South Africa land seizure.

Some say that this list is fake and shame on Afriforum for taking advantage of people like this

Afriforum stands behind the list, “We hope that the attempts to discredit the legitimacy of the list has now been proven to be malicious for good. We shouldn’t be misled by those who sing Kumbaya while the state is planning to expropriate property.”

Farmers who are trying to sell their farms are also finding that there are not many buyers. More and more people are afraid to purchase something that the government can take away. SO many feel threatened by the South Africa land seizure, why would anybody buy a farm with that looming in the background?

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South Africa Land Seizure of White-Owned Farms

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