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China Shows Off Robots

At a Beijing exhibition, China wows audiences with robots that have musical skills, play badminton and even diagnose disease. Very exciting stuff as China shows off robots.

China is serious about creating more and more robots that help propel its economy.

They did have to compete for attention at the show, though the stars of the World Robot Conference is always the battle bots that smash, saw and hammer their opponents.

There is a bigger problem in China.  Like many countries, it is in trouble with an aging population, a shortage of workers and increased labor costs could hurt its progress.

China wants to take charge of the robot market, aiming for 70% of robots sold in the country being made by Chinese companies by 2025. There will be more opportunity as China shows off robots.

Policy makers are watching this very carefully as the potential for the loss of numerous human jobs could disrupt the Chinese labor market, threatening up to 77 percent of jobs.

China is the number one for industrial robots, and so will likely see demands for its robotics rise 20% per year by 2020.

Qu Daokui, president of local firm Siasun said, “We used to focus on the accuracy, reliability, and speed of robots, now it’s their flexibility, intelligence, and adaptability that makes the difference. Robots needed to interact and adapt to their environments and make independent decisions”.

China Shows Off Robots

Because of these advances we are seeing more and more robots out of China’s factories and out in the world and showing up in restaurants, banks and delivering parcels.

There is even one robot made by China’s iFlytek that is a medical assistant that is able to help identify 150 diseases and ailments. The robot does work with a doctor by asking a series of diagnostic questions. Having made over 4,000 diagnoses since March, this technology could be very useful in remote clinics.

These robots won’t be able to replace human doctors but they will be helping them make history in the advances of robotics.

China Shows Off Robots

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China Shows Off Robots

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