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No More Netflix Reviews

Are reviews a good thing? Netflix doesn’t think so; they have decided to delete all customer reviews on its website. No more Netflix reviews.

So how will you know if you need to watch a show or movie?

You, alone, will have to determine if something is worth watching.

Netflix notified its customers and stopped the ability for new reviews to be posted July 30th. With more than a decade of reviews to delete, Netflix informed users they would all be gone in no time.

Why get rid of reviews?

Netflix noticed that people making reviews were becoming less popular. A significant drop enough for Netflix to change it.

Even though Netflix felt it was not helpful to have the reviews, it is for sure many found value in reading them.

Netflix asked itself one question, “did the ability for people to review encourage more content to be watched?”

Probably not, especially when some of Netflix’ own original programs were getting negative reviews. And so, no more Netflix reviews. Seems harsh, right?

Netflix had made a drastic change already, doing away with the star system and going for a more simple less invasive approach with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down system. Remember when Amy Schumer‘s comedy special got trashed with a bunch of one-star ratings, from reportedly numerous right-wing haters.

Reviews never affected what was recommended to the broader customer base, only having any effect on the individual who left a review. “Recommendations to members are always personalized based on what we think that specific member will enjoy watching based on what they have watched before,” Netflix said.

Really, reviews weren’t that important to the total experience on Netflix. Now, if you don’t like something on Netflix, you’ll just have to go somewhere else to complain about it.

No more Netflix reviews.

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No More Netflix Reviews

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