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Apple App Store Faces Pointed Chinese Criticism

Quit while you’re ahead; Or let Apple do it for you, as Apple App Store faces pointed Chinese criticism.

Naturally, each Country has its policies and procedures when it comes to just about everything. There are rules for anything and everything you can think of.

In the current circumstances, Apple has chosen to remove roughly 25,000 gambling apps from China’s App Store

Apple is experiencing this first hand with the Chinese Government. If something has been deemed “unlawful” by China’s regulators, Apple must conform in order to remain available in the Chinese market.

[Tweet “Apple removes 25,000 gambling apps from China App Store”]

This is in order to follow the policies enforced by China. Specific apps have been removed because they offered Chinese residents access to illegal lottery apps.

Apple recently released a statement stating; ‘We have already removed many apps and developers for trying to distribute illegal gambling apps on our App Store, and we are vigilant in our efforts to find these and stop them from being on the App Store.”

It has been made clear that it is not a recent event for Apple to be facing large amounts of scrutiny from the media in China.

Among the App Store criticism, Apple has also been facing negative feedback on their iMessage app.

Most countries in the Western-based markets are aware of Apple’s iMessage policies

They know to not allow encryption to be altered or broken.

They know the iMessage app provides access for intelligence agencies and for policing purposes. However, this is not the case when it comes to China, and yet another reason the Apple App store faces pointed Chinese criticism.

China regulators have been dishing out, on multiple occasions, that they are not pleased with Apple’s policies on encryption.

In the past, Apple has opted to remove VPN apps from China’s app store. This was in order to prevent users from bypassing the Firewall set by China’s regulations, and accessing outsourced apps, information, and searches.

Besides Apple, Google has been the subject of much negative Chinese regulator discussion, because of its recent proposal to offer a China-specific censored search engine.

This, of course, was proposed based on China’s provisions.

Is it worth for Google to face endless scrutiny? To continue with plans to create a censorship-friendly search engine specifically for China? Or do they opt against the continuance and face more regulatory circumstances from the Countries regulators?

Apple App Store Faces Heavy Chinese Criticism

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Apple App Store Faces Pointed Chinese Criticism

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