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Nike and Kaepernick – From Activism to Capitalism

Nike and Kaepernick

The new Nike Colin Kaepernick advertisement is, without a doubt, very powerful. Nike and Kaepernick are undeniably provocative.

“Believe in something.
Even it means sacrificing everything.”

Nike knows how to make ads.

The advertisement garners maximum empathy towards Kaepernick, who protested police brutality and subsequently lost his livelihood.

When the ad came out on Labor Day, it didn’t take long for reactions across social media to ensue.

People are supporting Kaepernick and Nike for having the courage to put out this ad. Nike knew there would also be a backlash against the brand.

Nike and Kaepernick did celebrate Nike’s 30th anniversary of the ‘Just Do It’ slogan, with Kaepernick.

We can say that Nike acted with strong morals, even if it is two years after the protest from Kaepernick.

Many are divided but Nike did choose to support a controversial athlete, by helping shed some light on police brutality.

As noble as this might appear, Nike does not do anything without knowing the controversy would also be good for business.

It’s true; Kaepernick jersey is still the best seller, even if he hasn’t thrown a football for a team in years. They know the benefits of sales will outweigh the public uproar.

At the core of all the hype churns the engine for capitalism. Nike is turning a powerful political protest into profit with the Nike and Kaepernick ad.

Sure some of Nike’s actions are noble but without making money there is no business. This isn’t a new concept, every company does this. A business is about how do we convince consumers to buy our product.

With more and more consumers wanting brands that align with their values, companies are changing. Companies are also connecting their brand to social causes.

Brands are moving closer to associating their brands with social issues, as demonstrated by Nike and Kaepernick. Political action can now take the form of the acquisition of objects.

As more brands are moving this way, more profits will be tied to consumers having their wallets open for supporting different causes.

Nike and Kaepernick

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Nike and Kaepernick – From Activism to Capitalism

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