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How to Watch Free NFL Games

With the season in full swing, how will you be watching football? Here’s how to watch free NFL games.

New for 2018 is the ability for fans who want to live stream NFL games at no cost.

You don’t even need cable or satellite to watch free NFL games online –

…or even WIFI or a web browser for that matter.

All this seems good, but the new service is proving to be a real frustration for many fans. The difficulty being mainly how to figure out how, and under what circumstances is the live streaming available for free.

How do you figure all of this out? Here’s the low down.

Just download the Yahoo Sports App or the NFL App to your mobile device to watch free NFL games

The apps are intended to work with whatever wireless provider or WIFI you have. There’s no need to log in with a satellite or cable TV account.

Now, this does sound great, but the new live streaming does come with restrictions built into the apps.

Did we really expect to be able to watch unlimited NFL games online completely free?

Some key points to remember:

You can’t watch the live stream on your T.V. through the app…the free streaming is restricted to your smartphone or tablet.

Sorry, no streaming the game to your 75″ big screen television

But, don’t forget that many NFL games are broadcast free of charge over the regular channels like CBS and Fox. You don’t need a cable package to get these channels. You can watch your local broadcast for free by connecting your T.V. to a digital antenna. For $25 you can buy one, without paying a cable bill.

But wait! There’s more…you also cannot stream every NFL game for free. You are limited to the live stream of NFL games that are broadcast locally on T.V. in your area of the country.

The catch is if you want to watch another NFL game that is not in your area, or you would like to watch it on T.V. you need to subscribe to a pay T.V. program or streaming package.

This means if you live in Florida, and want to watch the Oakland Raiders, you’ll have to fork out about $300 per season.

You also may not be able to use Wi-Fi with the app at all time, so you might have to use your cell plan data

It seems that for the app to work properly, downloading the latest version works best. Most games can be streamed using Wi-Fi, although it seems that Thursday Night Football games only work using data. Go figure.

So, this may make the “free” part much less attractive, as data packages are still more than a little out to lunch in terms of cost on most providers. Probably the biggest challenge, though, for those that wish to watch free NFL games.

Users are reporting that the apps are more than a little glitchy

The apps are not getting great reviews; maybe this is because so many are trying to use it. Many are saying it crashes often and a new version needs to be downloaded frequently – sometimes in the middle of a game.

So yes live streaming is available. This is an effort to attract more people to the game. The hope is that more people will choose a cable, T.V or satellite package instead of trying to watch a game on your tiny phone.

It is possible to stream NFL games on your T.V. for free

If you’re a new subscriber, you might get a free week or so before you start to get charged.

Find a T.V. service that has some or all the NFL games. Check carefully what channels they all include. For example, Fubo T.V. is a sport focused T.V. service but it does not include ESPN. So, no Monday Night Football.

If you don’t want to be billed, don’t forget to end the service before the free trial is over. You can expect to pay anywhere from $24 to $45 a month for this service.

One more option – watch NFL for free on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime airs some of the games, but not all. This year 11 games broadcasted on Fox for Thursday Nights Football games will be live streamed on Amazon Prime. This won’t include the one that will appear on the NFL Network.

After September 27th if you are a prime member you will also be able to live stream the NFL Network. This will cost you a Prime membership of about $119 a year of $12.99 a month after you have your free 30-day trial.

Now that you’re armed with how to watch free NFL games, it’s just a matter of how many will you watch?

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