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Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Say No Man Bun

no man bun

According to a new study, in Brooklyn as an entrepreneur, you don’t need to be a millennial and you can just go with no man bun.

The Center for an Urban Future (CUF), which is a New York-based think-tank, has determined that Brooklyn residents over the age of 50 are starting more businesses.

These entrepreneurs are in highest numbers in Brownsville, Bushwick and East New York.

As people are living longer they are looking for something to do past retirement.

“The boom in older entrepreneurs is just getting started, and it has enormous potential to boost the city’s economy and help loads of New Yorkers become more financially secure later in life” aid CUF executive director Jonathan Bowles.

The study revealed that the number of working seniors jumped 186 percent in Brownsville, 172 percent in Bushwick and 95 percent in East New York.

In this study, it also found that 5,961 Brooklynites 50 and older are self-employed.

Vaynerchuk’s main conversation for his platform is around the idea that midlife is not the end of life- there is a world of opportunity to explore for mid and late-life adults in terms of entrepreneurship.

As cities go for the number of older entrepreneurs, Brownsville ranked third, Bushwick fourth and East New York eighth.

What is happening is that retirees are looking for something to do or wanting to make some money with their skills and talents they have acquired no man bun aside.

The older entrepreneurs are in every type of industry in the city. The easiest and most popular for them to get into is the service industry.

A natural choice has been in the food business. Older adults are using their passion and talents and offering them in businesses like restaurants, bakeries, catering services, and artisan food manufacturers.

Now in New York, there’s a new focus.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is being encouraged to provide more support for these older entrepreneurs.

The goal is to have more tech training and increased job opportunities geared more towards the older generation.

So, you can be an entrepreneur in ney York, even if you have no man bun 😉

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Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Say No Man Bun

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