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Is Free Publicity a True Economy?

The short answer is yes. Free publicity is easier than ever, and doing profitable outreach needn’t break the bank. If you do it well it shouldn’t cost you anything.

But there are right and wrong ways of doing it.

The easiest path to free publicity is through high-quality content

Don’t take shortcuts; it’s not quantity here but quality. What are your customers interested in? Publish this content on blogs, social media, and magazines. Creating good content is the more effective way to generate interest and engagement.

Don’t send spam to your list, this is tempting to do when you are trying to generate more content but it can adversely affect your reputation with the people you engage.

Write a book

One of the best ways to get press coverage is to write a book, either a co-written or co-published. Doing this helps position you as the industry expert. Don’t be afraid to give out some free copies, to direct media and your influencer contacts.

They will help spread the word through interviews, reviews, and features. The lazy way to do this is to pitch the same message to thousands of media outlets. This will likely get your book thrown in the garbage.

Promote your company mission

By focusing on your company mission in your media exposure, you will be telling the public what your company stands for and the benefit it provides them. Public relations is personal.

Sharing your purpose and educate your audience. This will help your company’s image and establish yourself as a thought leader in your space.

Build real relationships with free publicity in the media

Learn to talk to people, building a long-lasting relationship takes time and can turn into good exposure down the road.

Contact a few reporters from different media outlets. Talk to them, not about how incredible your company is but complement them on a recent article you read.

Highlight user feedback

Encourage feedback from your customers. Ask them to express their opinion on a specific product or content. Try this out first on social media, once you get a decent amount of replies turn the good ones into blog posts or expand on them. Allow your customers to have a voice even if is not always positive. Address these but without as much exposure.

Write guest blogs

Give out your expertise in your field by pitching to write a guest article on an existing outlet that might cater to your audience. Make sure to deliver good content to this audience and include a backlink to your website. Use this free publicity tactic to build your authority.

Share your struggles

By being human and sharing your struggles makes you more relatable to. Doors will open because people will see you are just not concerned about pitching your business but also possibly helping people with their challenges.

Make it easy for reporters to tell your story

You might have to be persistent but by getting a real press to help get your message out there will get results for your business. Don’t make stuff up as this could be negative for your company. Do keep building on those relationships, so when you do have a story you have someone’s ear in the press.

Put yourself out there

By doing speaking engagements at industry events, conferences or educational institutions will help get you some free press. When you are passionate about something, share it.

By building yourself up to be the as a leading expert will help get you to educate the people at these events. Make it about teaching them something and not just about selling. Great free publicity is almost always approached obliquely,.

This is also a free way for you to get into these events and further your knowledge and network.

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Is Free Publicity a True Economy?

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