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Child Entrepreneur Author of “Kid Trillionaire”

child entrepreneur

When you’re a kid and you want candy, you ask your parents for it, but this child entrepreneur found a better way to get what he wants.

John Louzonis didn’t want to keep begging his parents for money every time he wanted some candy.

The child entrepreneur determined that the $50 he received from his grandmother for his birthday was not enough to sustain him through the year.

So what does John do, but find a way to get money for himself.

You’ll find John sometimes in Bryant Park. This unassuming, bespectacled 13 year old actually has the ability to get New Yorkers to stop for him.

Standing in the park this child entrepreneur sells copies of his $10 book, “Kid Trillionaire: How a Little Kid Can Make a Big Fortune.”

Although John is not yet a trillionaire, he does sell on average 30 books a day. His money is in the bank, and he believes it is likely to take him a couple years to achieve his goal.

The child entrepreneur found a better way to get what he wants and is no stranger to work.  At the tender age of 8, he took an online course and learned to code websites.

While living in London he noticed his favorite café didn’t have a website, so he built them one for $60. He was 10 when he did this, “It wasn’t much, but it was a start” John said.

Now the remarkable child entrepreneur is obsessed with finding new ways to make bank. First, he tried the traditional lemonade stand while living in Manhasset, LI.

The pint-sized capitalist recalled, “I think two people stopped by. It probably didn’t help that my uncle was in the background mowing the lawn in his underwear.”

John doesn’t receive an allowance and is currently being homeschooled in Battery Park City.

His father Daniel lets him do his own thing and finds he was more successful that way. John really loves computers and podcasts, so his father who is in charge of Johns education incorporated graphic design, website development, and sound editing into his learning.

With these skills, budding child entrepreneur John has been making money building websites, doing graphic design, video editing and producing podcasts for private clients.

When asked what he will do with his trillion John wasn’t completely sure. But he does know, “I would take a helicopter to my grandma’s house in the Hamptons. It’s $800 a person. That’s a bucket list item for sure.”

Last year, John had the idea of writing a book on how to get rich for kids.

John spent 6 months doing his homework and gathering information on how millionaires earned and kept their wealth. He gives kids lots of ideas on how while doing homework you can still make money. He gives you a list of cheap coding and app-development courses.

The little capitalist gives a lot of general advice, like how to save and invest and sound advice like:

His book was self-published in April through Amazon’s CreateSpace. Having gone through his first initial order of 200 books, he’s had to order two more printings.

You can buy his book online for just $15 but if you get the chance to be in New York it might be worth your stop to see John, get the book directly from him for $10 and give this little capitalist a handshake.

Maybe your kids would like to learn how young John, the child entrepreneur found a better way to get what he wants.

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Child Entrepreneur Author of “Kid Trillionaire”

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