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Is the Entrepreneur Lifestyle For You?

Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Video credit: Karin Bohn

The entrepreneurial struggle is REAL guys!

No video will ever be able to show you what the life of an entrepreneur is really like. There is so much you don’t see, including all the emotions, stress AND don’t forget the successes! In this video, I give you a glimpse into another day of my life as an entrepreneur and even though it can be really tough sometimes, I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a thing! Is the entrepreneur lifestyle for you??? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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— Karin Bohn is the founder and creative director behind the award-wining Vancouver-based design firm, House of Bohn ( Karin established the interior design firm over 8 years ago, and since has made her mark on the West-Coast Canadian design scene in many industries including high-end residential, multi-family, restaurants and retail. Karin’s passion to create is the reason behind her YouTube channel. In addition to working at the helm of her interior design firm, she experiments with storytelling and “giving-back” in a digital medium – video.

Her self-titled YouTube channel is an on-going passion project and online world that’s not only a space to share her expertise in interior design, style and business, but is also dedicated to helping others grow their own successful businesses.

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Entrepreneur Lifestyle

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Is the Entrepreneur Lifestyle For You?

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