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Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism Josh Paine

Who is Josh Paine? Enter conscious capitalism.

Paine is best known as a turnaround specialist. In his words “Companies only call me when stuff hits the fan.”

Paine, for the last year, has been the CEO of WorldVentures, his sixth turnaround project. Paine’s value is in his financial and organizational experience.

His previous positions include CEO of Rovia, LLC; managing partner for Providence Interactive Capital, LLC; CEO and chief financial officer of, Inc.; and vice president of operations for JetPay Merchant Services, LLC.

What makes Paine so successful at what he does?

His leadership style

Paine doesn’t want just to create jobs. He wants people to have a good job, filled with purpose. His purpose-driven style doesn’t allow anything else.

Paine’s line of thinking

Where many people will just invest in a company, Paine learned that there was no purpose in it for him. You invested money and they spent it however they wanted. He knows throwing money at a problem is rarely a fix. He likes a more hands-on approach in order to make a positive lasting influence.

His conscious capitalism movement

Paine is extremely passionate about the principle beliefs around conscious capitalism. Paine believes when a company focuses on conscious capitalism it will have a higher purpose. It’s all about making a significant impact on people lives.

Learning from the corporate culture

Paine learned through others that a good strategy does not guarantee a win. For a long time he believed this but now he knows that it’s not the awards on the wall that attract people. This makes you too far out of reach for many to be able to relate to. It is all your failures that people want, they can relate to that, they can learn from that, this is what people want.

His decision-making abilities

Paine says conscious capitalism is about the whole group and not just an individual. He will draw a circle, put the company in the middle and place the employees, customers, partners and shareholders around this circle.

Taking the decision all the way around the circle helps you make those really difficult decisions, even if everyone may not like it.

Paine takes on difficult projects, he takes a company that is broken, sees its potential and turns it back around. A company’s success isn’t just about having a good formula; it’s about living the culture they have envisioned. It’s about lining yourself up with the right people with the right values.

Does your company need someone like Paine to help it turn around?

Maybe have a go at conscious capitalism?

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Conscious Capitalism

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