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The Entrepreneur Bug

The most contagious bug out there – the entrepreneur bug.

There’s no shot for this one yet; the entrepreneur bug is a bad one, and it is striking more and more as people come to the realization that with today’s technology, anyone can succeed in a business that is based on their passion, when equipped the right tools and guidance, of course.

Once you get it, the bug is quite difficult to get rid of.

Most entrepreneurs never return to being someone else’s employee.

Worse,  you can pass it on to someone else. It is interesting how entrepreneurs not only tend to enter circles of existing entrepreneurs and free marketers, but they tend to rub off on those that have not yet struck out on their own in business.

What are the signs that you might have contracted the entrepreneur bug?

You don’t give up

[Tweet “A true entrepreneur doesn’t back down from a challenge and they are not afraid of failure.”]

This is difficult in a country where 20% of businesses fail by their second year. But an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily see failure as something negative. They see it as a learning opportunity and a way to start something else that will work better next time.

What happens when they do have a win?

They will seek greater and greater successes with the intention of solving a problem and scaling it to success.

There is no such thing as 9 to 5

An entrepreneur has no relationship with a punch clock. There’s often no separation between work and home. It’s easier for them because they are working from a place of passion, which often isn’t “work” at all. But it takes tenacity. No quitting.

When an entrepreneur isn’t working, they’re often dreaming and planning the next moves for their project. They are constantly networking and learning new ways to improve their business.

You can’t stop them from working and they can’t stop themselves.

They live for the highs and work through the lows

The mental game that goes on can be exhausting but it also can be exciting.

A good entrepreneur will work through these and will have the ability to motivate their team through them.

Those bitten by the entrepreneur bug possess a can-do attitude, face adversity and work through it with a positive attitude and perseverance.

You know your success depends on others

Even if an entrepreneur initially has the idea on his own, he knows to scale things and build his idea to success, he will need a strong team.

The relationships you have built previous to this will play an integral role in your ability to find partners and supporters.

Do it well and this relationship building skill will take you far.

Lot and lots of confidence

You don’t have to be cocky, but an entrepreneur will believe in their product, their team and in themselves.

Their confidence helps them and other pursue goals.

Keeping with the American spirit entrepreneurship is part of that.

In the U.S. there are millions of small businesses powered by the entrepreneurial spirit. The drive is to keep building up communities that make American strong.

No worries, if you haven’t caught the entrepreneur bug yet, you still have time.

The easiest way to catch it is from an existing carrier of the entrepreneur bug.

Join a local entrepreneur Meetup Group, visit your local Chamber of Commerce and inquire about joining the business community. There are plenty of folks willing to help you pursue your passion.

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The Entrepreneur Bug

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