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Female Entrepreneurs Create Top Podcasts

Female Entrepreneurs

Inspiration to start your own business can come from many sources. Many find benefit from podcasts, but which ones to look into. Here are some targeted at female entrepreneurs.

How I built this

Guy Raz will inspire you on your journey. He reminds you that each business starts with an idea. More and more people are choosing to stick with their idea with all the ups and downs it will have.

Host Raz will interview female entrepreneurs and find out how they built their business. Companies like Airbnb, Spanx, Lyft, Instagram and Chipotle have been featured.

We are reminded that these businesses had to start from somewhere, each having the potential to grow into the world’s biggest brands.

The goal digger

A popular podcast created by entrepreneur and photographer Jenna Kutcher. Each podcast is done in a live-workshop style.

Goal Digger is from a female perspective, it helps woman specifically with business management, social media, marketing, SEO tips and balancing business and a mom’s life.

Skimm’d from the couch

From their couches, female entrepreneurs Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg started their first business with a daily e-newsletter called “Skimm”.

Listeners can join these two on the couch as this pair of female entreprneurs discuss the in’s and out’s of starting a business. Their conversations go from the “leap of faith’ to start a company to ‘oh boy, look at me now!’

Here you can hear all about female executives, with their success, their failures and the challenges they are faced with all along the way.

Happy black woman

A podcast with Rosetta Thurman, who talks about what goes on inside the head to become a successful black woman.

The key to her success is you can be an entrepreneur but are you a happy one? We sometimes tend to forget when we are in the business building process to take care of ourselves, but it’s important to keep that balance.

Success and happiness is the goal.

Pivot podcast

Jenny Blake business strategist will field questions like, what is your next big move? What if you could suspend fear and doubts from your mind?

This podcast helps listeners rediscover their passions and how to keep moving forward to reach their goals.

No limits for female entrepreneurs

Rebecca Jarvis breaks down all the scary stigmas around entrepreneurship with women.

Be careful you might get inspired to start your own business. Make sure you listen to it often especially when you are frustrated or fearful. It’s all about breaking barriers to making a name for yourself.


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Female Entrepreneurs Create Top Podcasts

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