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Recounts In Florida

Secretary of State Ken Detzner formally ordered recounts in Florida on Saturday, in the midterm election.

Recounts started Saturday afternoon. This is the first full statewide vote recount in history.

What prompted the recount?

Authorities found the tallies for Senate, Governor and Agriculture Commissioner for its 67 counties were too close. Recounts also have been ordered in a State Senate race and two contests for the State House.

It has been days after the midterm elections have been over, and yet there are still no clear results.

Florida is not the only state still trying to figure out the midterm election outcomes.

Georgia and Arizona Senate are in the same boat.

For Florida, the new round of recounts has a very tight deadline. Even though election office employees have been working tirelessly since Tuesday, they must have the results in by Thursday the 15th of November.

Needing to work around the clock, Miami-Dade elections office with its six ballot-counting machines, needed to rent an additional four machines. These machines are due to arrive today from Omaha, Neb today.

Many in the Senate race are not happy how ballots have been handled.

Mr. Rick Scott, who it looks like has won by a slight margin in the Senate race, filed a lawsuit against election officials in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. His opponent Mr. Nelson just wants every legal ballot to be counted. He believes if this is done, he will win the election.

Mr. Scott is unhappy with how elections supervisor Brenda C. Snipes handled ballots. Snipes botched the vote counting, by inadvertently processing dozens of rejected ballots. When vote tallies continue to change Mr. Scott fears vote rigging. Especially after Snipes refused to explain how new votes came in.

So will recounts in Florida be over Thursday? Not necessarily.

When the deadline is met Thursday and if there remains a margin of 0.25 of a percentage point or less, there must be a manual recount done. This recount will be due the 18th of November. Currently, a recount is expected in the races for Senate and commissioner of agriculture.

A manual recount does not mean every ballot will get recounted by hand. Only votes that are deemed to be undervote or overvote get to be reviewed manually. For example, if a voter didn’t follow instructions properly and put in a check mark next to a candidates name instead of filling out the circle completely a voting machine would not have counted this ballot.

Also if the machine detects that a ballot has two people who were chosen on the ballot, election workers will look more closely at that ballot. Only if the person’s intentions were clear will it be counted. For example, if someone crossed out a candidate’s name, this ballot would likely be counted.

DeSantis and Gillum are less than 0.5 percentage points apart.

A hand recount will also be required in the Senate race between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson who are less than 0.25 percentage points apart.

This election tight race has been further complicated with issues from older counting machines. These older machines are having a hard time managing a statewide recount. This means it is possible the State’s deadline for Thursday might not be able to be met?

With all the troubles around this election, many are frustrated but none of these are not new problems.

Ultimately we will find out the results from all the ballots and whatever the count is will be what it is.

Recounts In Florida

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Recounts In Florida

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