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Outstanding Contribution to Venture Creation

When you go up against the world, and receive the Outstanding Contribution to Venture Creation for the second time, you might be doing something right?

It is with great honour that North Kentucky University’s (NKU) Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) was chosen to be one of five finalists for its Outstanding Contribution to Venture Creation.

NKU was also recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Venture Creation in 2016.

NKU was recognized at the annual conference of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) for its contributions in launching and supporting student-led startup companies.

This year’s GCEC Conference hosted more than 250 top universities from around the world and was held in Chicago Oct. 18-20.

With many submissions for the title, NKU was nominated for top 5. Also nominated are The University of Notre Dame, University of Stockholm in Sweden, Babson College and Michigan State.

When you’re recognized among these other institutions as being one of the very best in entrepreneurship education in the world, that is definitely a feather in your cap.

Entrepreneurship has become a central and vibrant educational component at most top universities around the world,” said Brad Burke, executive director of the GCEC.

CIE was created in 2014 because students wanted more from their education. It’s housed inside NKU’s Haile/US Bank College of Business and led by co-directors Jeff Varrone and Zac Strobl. Here students gain experience and take control of their futures by participating inside and outside the classroom.

“The CIE is built on a strong foundation and has recently been one of the top performing entrepreneurship centres not just nationally, but globally as well.

This recognition is largely due to the success of the students and alumni who have graduated from our programs,” Strobl said.

CIE has an award-winning curriculum, which offers students either a major or a minor in entrepreneurship.

From its start in 2014, it has been one of the best, being recognized and receiving awards for its contributions.

Clearly, NKU has been helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality since, with many more years to come.

Outstanding Contribution to Venture Creation

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Outstanding Contribution to Venture Creation

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