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Da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Think you are too young to build a multimillion-dollar business? Think again. Enter Da Bomb Bath Fizzers.

Two sister-preneurs created just such a business right in their parent’s kitchen.

At the tender ages of 10 and 11, Caroline and Isabel Bercaw started “Da Bomb Bath Fizzers” right from the kitchen to now being sold in thousands of retail stores across the U.S.

Six years after it all started, their product can be found in over 15,000 stores, which include Costco, Target, Ulta, and CVS.

Bath bombs aren’t unique, but the girls wanted to make their own because often times the ones they were buying in the stores were leaving stains in the tub. Thus, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers were born.

All bath bombs are is a package of mixtures of dry ingredients that bubble and hiss when wet. They add oils, bubbles, scents and colors to your bathwater.

The simple idea went big.

[Tweet “In 2017 Da Bomb revenue was over $10 million. This year’s projections are expected to hit $20 million.”]

How did this simple idea get so big? The girls did want to make their product unique and stand out from the competition.

They decided to add a little surprise inside each of the Da Bomb Bath Fizzers to make them more appealing to a broader range of shoppers.

Isabel said, “It could be like a toy or a message on waterproof paper or even some jewelry, it always coordinated with the name and the fragrance of the bomb.”

How did the girls build this little empire? It wasn’t easy but they had a lot of support and encouragement from their parents and business partners.

Both girls attribute much of their success to their parents. Being so young the girls didn’t fully understand that their actions in business might have consequences. But lucky for them, their mom had an advertising and writing background and their dad had been a business consultant.

Certainly great contributors to the success of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers.

Both parents kept their kids inspired every day to work really hard.

The girls now know that hard work can pay off and they aspire to continue learning by going to college and expanding their business knowledge.

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Da Bomb Bath Fizzers

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