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Women Entrepreneurs Tire of the Back Seat…

In today’s world, female entrepreneurs continue to face difficulty in acquiring funding, training, and support in the VC landscape.

In 2017, women entrepreneurs received $1.9 billion in funding, while men received $83.1 billion?

That is quite a staggering gap.

Despite this, women are starting more businesses than men at two times the U.S. national average. Also, women-led tech startups get a 35 percent higher return on investment than their men tech counterparts.

Apple decided to help out in a way that they can.

Apple just announced it is launching a new app development program to help women entrepreneurs. This new Entrepreneur Camp has an immersive technology lab and is more for women app developers who are founders and entrepreneurs.

The all-new Entrepreneur Camp is the first of its kind, created to give new opportunities for app-driven businesses owned or led by women.

How do you qualify to apply for Apple’s program?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • To apply, the app-driven business must be female-founded, co-founded or led, and have minimum one woman on the development team.
  • There needs to be a working app or prototype.
  • There needs to be a desire to leverage Apple technologies, in order to help their own mission.

Applications are being accepted now, with the pilot program starting January 2019.

[Twwet “Apple is committed to helping more women assume leadership roles across the tech sector and beyond – Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.”]

Gina Bianchini, investor and founder and CEO of Mighty Networks said, “This is a program that matters. The new Entrepreneur Camp says Apple wants to invest its expertise in a different, richer, more diverse range of app developers and product experts in a meaningful way, and that is a big deal for the industry.”

The Entrepreneur Camp will have four sessions a year, with 20 app companies accepted during each round. For the pilot session, there will be 10 app companies.

The lucky chosen will send three attendees to Cupertino, California.

There, they will be immersed in a two-week program at Apple’s Campus. Each will get one-on-one help with Apple engineers, sessions on design, technology, and App Store marketing, with ongoing guidance.

Apple is dedicated to making the best products; let’s see what these women can crank out!

Apple Entrepreneur Camp

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Women Entrepreneurs Tire of the Back Seat…

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