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That One Great Idea

If you’re an entrepreneur, there are likely 100’s of ideas floating around in your head. How do you pick that one great idea?

Spanx CEO Sara Blakely jotted down all her ideas.  Then she made a book loaded with ideas that were unrelated to her existing business.  Many others have done the same thing, they have written their various thoughts down on paper.

Here are two other female entrepreneurs and how they found their one great idea. 

Stephanie Davison, the CEO of BeautiFood, a clean hair care startup from Southern California.  Davison not only had an idea book, she has napkins, notepads full of notes.  When you eat, sleep and dream ideas, they need to be written down. 

Davison idea came from a hair horror story. 

Faced with bleached blonde hair that all fell out, she had to find a way to grow her hair back in a healthy way again. Her first hair product was an avocado hair oil.  The oil is made from100% food and plant-based ingredients. 

She also chose this product because of the growth in the U.S. hair care industry and a surge in keyword searches around hair treatment.  Avocado is also native to California, which made it a good fit for the company’s roots. 

So how did Davison stick to her idea?

She not only used her MBA knowledge, she also used her chemical engineering degree.  Combining these two talents helped her prepare for her entrepreneurship venture. 

Davison said, “I have a mind that understands the backside of beauty production (formulation chemistry, ingredients, and batch production) and the front side (consumer, marketing, and online retail).”

It helps when you have a passion for your product and your brand, you need not be innovative to find that one great idea.

Maybe you can see down far enough, you can see the growth, the opportunity and a long-term business idea. 

Jackie Burke is the founder of Tini Lux, the first company to sell bio-compatible metal earrings.  Burke shows you that being passionate about your product will help you stay more focused and centred. 

Burke having a metal allergy made it impossible for her to find earrings she could wear. 

After constantly writing business ideas in her notebook and dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, she found out she wasn’t alone with her allergy. She figured this must be that one great idea.

After some research, she also found out no one had addressed this problem yet.  Now she realized her allergy-involving earrings was an idea worth pursuing. 

Burke earrings are made with medical grade titanium; this is a metal, which does not react to the human body. 

Burke says, “When the idea is right, it will stick in your mind in a way that others do not.  You will feel an almost gravitational pull that forces you to keep working on it.”

that one great idea

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That One Great Idea

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