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Capitalism Rebuilding America

When the nation’s infrastructure needs rebuilding, elected officials state the obvious, often entirely missing the mark on what is important. In the end, it will be Capitalism rebuilding America.

Lawmakers in Washington don’t necessarily know the best way to address the nation’s need for repairs on a local level.

There are no one-size-fits-all rules. There is little view to what is needed to fix urban, suburban and rural districts. Much work needs to be done in rebuilding America’s highways, bridges, water systems, and airports.

[Tweet “The federal government is (over) $20 trillion in debt – where is infrastructure money to come from?”]

State and local governments have used up all of their borrowing power, where is this new money to come from?

Government officials seem to suffer from closed-off thinking,  missing the mark on the massive potential the capitalist system has.

What’s interesting about this period in time is that at one time, only the government could handle huge projects like the Hoover Dam. Today, large corporations and investment funds have enormous assets and cash flow.

This is more than enough to get the resources needed to build projects of any scale.

No longer do we need the government, federal or local to maintain the country’s infrastructure. Private capital has sufficient funding and would introduce things like innovation and cost-effectiveness. Typically, private interests run at just under 1/2 the cost of a comparable government organization. Private is simply more effectively managed and optimally run.

Do you think that the effect of privatization could be massive? Doesn’t Capitalism rebuilding America make much more sense?

Privatization has the ability to create long-term economic expansion.

Privatization’s greatest obstacle is what some believe is a socialist mentality. This makes local governments the primary owner of the nation’s infrastructure. Since the 1980’s these owners have been treating these assets as a revenue stream.

This is why tolling nationwide has become so popular.

The current system allows the government to manipulate it, allowing the raising of taxes, user fees and tolls. Apparently, all this is to maintain and build roads but then they get neglected.

All of this comes at a cost; typically, we experience higher and higher taxes.

This doesn’t just hit us in our pocketbook but also in the quality of how we live.

Using privatization to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure could be the best move of our lifetime. This might not happen today but in time America will be ready to allow capitalism with its $multi-trillions to fix infrastructure on a national scale.

Capitalism Rebuilding America

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Capitalism Rebuilding America

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