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Socks? Are You Kidding?

“Are You Kidding”  is a colorful, stylish, kid and adult sock company created by two brothers Brandon and Sebastian Martinez – two remarkable boys.

The boys are passionate about what they do.  Sebastian is the CEO and designer.  Brandon is the Director of Sales or D.O.S as he likes to point out. 

Since the Martinez brothers started their journey, they wanted to make a difference with socks. 

Their passion and love for socks have allowed them to create a small business. 

This business allows them to share their fun designs with others and raise funds and awareness for national charities.  Some of these charities are the American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, SpecialOlympics Florida, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami. 

Sebastian, from a very young, age loved socks. 

When his mother Rachel Martinez in June of 2013 asked him if he wanted to make his own socks, Sebastian ran to the table with his pencils, markers, and paper and went right to work. 

Sebastian was full speed ahead in creating.  By the time the boys were 7 and 9, they were featured on Good Morning America’s Shark Tank Your Life: Kid-Preneurs Edition.   The show was great exposure for the boys’ business. 

The boys have their mother as president and together they work as a team. 

Sebastian designs, his mother transfers them onto a computer.  A company in Guatemala makes the socks.  Then Brandon is in charge of selling the socks.

Since the business started in May 2014, the boy’s have sold 10’s of thousands of socks in many different stores and have raised thousands of dollars for charity. 

Go socks Go!

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Socks? Are You Kidding?

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