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What Drove Me to Become an Entrepreneur

Starting a business is easily one of the most exhilarating things that one can engage in, and the potential for businesses to grow in this technological era is incredible. But, what drove me to become an entrepreneur was more about others than it was myself.

Every day I run into more people that toy with the idea of starting up their own business

– to be their own boss and move in a professional direction that they are most attracted by, and ideally one aligned with their passions.

This growth in entrepreneurs all over the world is surely something that has made this route a lot more competitive but is still something that works well for those who don’t want to be stuck behind a nine to five corporate job.

People often think that the decision to start a business is only for those who have stacks of capital and key business connections that can help them out. While factors that can help a business grow positively, it is not something that absolutely determines the future of your venture.

You are the only person in charge of your future and destiny, and the work that you do, and the things that you commit to can properly determine the outcome of what you can potentially achieve.

For me, having founded numerous multi-million dollar ventures, and coached countless teams in the startup space, many of them already multi-millionaires and even a couple of billionaires – I can tell you, the key lies in 2 places.

One is in your ability to keep going in the very face of adversity – pure tenacity.

The other is the assembly of a solid support team.

Being a solo-preneur is almost always a recipe for disappointment and disaster. This is because a successful startup requires a set of talents and characteristics that are exceedingly rare in a single person. Think of guys like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos. We only hear about them, but their teams are what made them successful. All would probably have failed a long time ago if on their own.

You never lose- you either win, or learn. Most entrepreneurs have an average of 17 false starts in business before they “hook” and find success. Those 17 failed efforts all taught hard lessons, but lessons difficult to forget.

As someone who was constantly torn between the idea of starting their own business as well as the aspect of the redundancy of corporate life, finding my passion and making it something worth noticing was one of the more positive aspects that I focused on.

My mantra had become “I live a life of abundance, and help others to realize and manifest their dreams.” I now live this mantra.

I decided to focus on developing myself and understanding what I wanted to be able to achieve before I leaped out into the world of business. There were, of course, a few factors that influenced these decisions that I made, helping me reach the business goals that I stand by today.

The Corporate Environment Was A No-Go

One of the biggest reasons why I went the entrepreneur route is because of the potential that lies within starting your own company and the nature of corporate spaces themselves. More often than not, when people go to work at a nine to five job, they have to simply sit at their desk and do something in front of a computer.

Burning out in this kind of work situation is growing more and more common. There is only so much that one can do in terms of the personal rewards of the rat race. Most of us find that being an employee falls sadly short of living up to the goals that we set for ourselves when we were young.

If you’re someone who is tired of doing a job that offers them no scope for personal development, and you think you are better off doing something you love, starting your own business is the way to go.

Life Isn’t Bound To A Nine To Five

The time itself forms a major factor in choosing to go down an alternative route. With the internet and multiple resources available to us, working at fixed timings may not always be the most viable. Some people prefer to work on their terms and claim to be more productive during other parts of the day. Some feel like nights is the better option for them, while some feel like they are better off starting their day early.

Even the work patterns of people can affect their performance in a professional space. Some people can get the day’s work done in one stretch and end up sitting for several hours not doing much at the workplace. Being productive on your terms and working according to the hours that help you the most is something that a lot of people want to lean towards and starting up your own business is one of the easier ways to do that.

The Unconventional Started Taking Over

Ever encounter those infinitely interesting people that just don’t fit in the box, but rather march to their own tunes. These are the folks whose ideas stand out and are so unconventional that they always bring something new to the table. A lot of us also want to lean towards that and being unconventional and unique is always awarded if you stay true to your beliefs.

If you are someone who doesn’t correctly fit in at corporate settings and wants a life where they can do what they love, then starting a business is one of the things that can help you achieve that. Personally, this was something that enabled me to take the steps that I needed to be able to reach my goals of starting my own business.

I didn’t want to be like others who would go day in and day out working for the man, and with ideas that weren’t exactly the most common, I knew that there was more than I could do with my time to cement my place in the world.

What Drove Me to Become an Entrepreneur? The Need To Do Something Impactful

There comes a time in our lives wherein we question who we truly are as a person and what we have to offer for this world. Everyone tends to encounter these situations, and the important thing is what you take from them. For me, it was the need to be someone who made a difference in the world, and who could contribute in their way to a better society.

I didn’t want to be one of those people helping big corporations earn more, but rather someone who could make the lives of common people a lot better.

Starting up your own business is one way in which you can work towards doing something that makes a difference, and can help you help others along the way. Be it for social change, to streamline certain things that people do, or just to give them something fun, a business that was built on a purpose to impact lives in a certain way is always beneficial and extremely rewarding.

Changing The World Wasn’t Far From Reach

In doing something impactful, you change the way people think, the way they spend their time and the way they live their lives. If you are someone who wants to change the world and make it a better place, starting up your own business can help you tremendously when trying to do just that.

Changing the world is never out of reach for anyone who dares to dream big. If you have an idea that could help improve the lives of people, working on that can help you contribute positively, and do something that you are invested in, and love. The things that motivate you will likely differ from what drove me to become an entrepreneur. Simple things and ideas can help make the world better, and who knows what potential that lies within them!

The Learning Never Stops

A lot of people have the constant urge to keep absorbing new information and love learning new things about the world around them. If you are someone who likes to learn continuously, and doesn’t want the learning to stop, starting your own business can help you do just that while letting you earn at the same time.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy, and there are many things that you won’t have figured out right from the get-go. However, picking up new things along the way and working towards your goals can not only help you expand your knowledge but can help your business as a whole.

This ended up being one of the most prominent reasons why I quit my job and started up my own business, and have been involved in a founded so many new startups since then.

That’s what drove me to become an entrepreneur. What drives you?

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What Drove Me to Become an Entrepreneur

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