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Which TED Talk is Better for Entrepreneurs?

Meet A Young Entrepreneur, Cartoonist, Designer, Activist, by Maya Penn

Back in 2010 Maya at 13 opened up her TED Talk with her own animated video.  Her talks are about her love of art, illustration, animation and how she became a young entrepreneur at the age of 8.  Maya knows it’s important to nurture her customers and the planet.  This young woman is inspiring to young students who know that if given the chance one can become an entrepreneur at a young age.

Bring On The Learning Revolution, by Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken urges to change the current education system from traditional school teachings to a more personalized learning.  He is a brilliant educator and innovator and believes that the youth of today need to learn in a way that lets their natural talents and gifts flourish.  He believes the current school system creates workers that listen instead of creating thinkers and entrepreneurs.  Sir Ken encourages the education system to give children the right environment to learn in a way that will optimize growth, their natural curiosity, creativity, interests, and talents.

Grit: The Power Of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Lee Duckworth

How does grit play a role in the lives of students, entrepreneurs, and teachers?  Angela Lee shares her experience from leaving her consulting career to teach 7th-grade math students in New York.  In the classroom, she noticed that IQ is not the only differentiating factor between students who succeed and struggle.  Grit is a major predictor of whether one achieves or not, listen to this talk too if a child you know has this “grit”.

Let’s Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs, by Cameron Herold

Cameron an entrepreneur since childhood, stresses the importance of encouraging children to follow their entrepreneurial spirit.  He stresses to notice the signs that your child might be suppressing his entrepreneur mind in school.  Is your child struggling in school, having a hard time paying attention, bored or struggling to fit in with peers, you might have a budding entrepreneur?  In this TED Talk, he explains that both parenting and education can help young entrepreneurs flourish early on and into adulthood.

Every Kid Needs A Champion, by Rita Pierson

Rita a teacher for 40 years learned that kids learn best from people they like.  This model not only holds some teeth in the education systems but also in business as well.  By connecting with her students, she was able to give them a different support system that they may never get.  She knows that students need a tribe, they need a support system inside the classroom and out in the entrepreneur world. How To Learn? From Mistakes, by Diana Laufenberg

As an educator, Diana talks about three surprising things she learned in the classroom.  She also talks about how to learn from one’s mistakes and change the way educators look at failure.  Her own experience with her students saw her change how she was teaching in the classroom.  Her approach was to not give students what to do or how to do it but to give them a problem and let them figure it out on their own.  The importance of learning from mistakes and failure are outlined in her talk.

Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship, by Linda Zhang

Linda grew up in an entrepreneurial environment and asks all of us to look back at our educational experience.  It probably didn’t drive entrepreneurship or for us to change the world.  Linda is a partner in Australia’s leading startup incubator for students, who provide support for students all over the world.  They encourage them to solve real-world problems with practical solutions.

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Which TED Talk is Better for Entrepreneurs?

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