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Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Tips To Get Motivated

This can be a challenging space not just for a new entrepreneur but also for the longtime running ones.

Being able to juggle all aspects of the business and life outside of it can get overwhelming.

There needs to be a high degree of self-discipline and organization or you and your families well-being can suffer.

You are now the leader of goal setting, deadlines, and setting incentives.

How do you stay on top of your game?

With these 10 ways you can make sure you stay motivated while working towards your business and personal goals.

1. Make a mission statement about you.

It’s a common practice for a business to have a mission statement.  A mission statement describes the organization’s goals, culture, and underlying core values.  This is used for direction of the business and to motivate stakeholders.

It is also important for every entrepreneur to have his or her own personal mission statement.   This isn’t something you just talk about, you write it down, you have it on your bathroom mirror, you have in your wallet, you read it often and have it memorized.  This serves as a reminder as to why you decided to go down the entrepreneur path.

2. Have a plan.

You need a plan, a business not only has a mission statement they have a plan on how to execute it.  This goes the same for your personal life, you need a plan.  This plan has your long and short-term goals, with the ability to change it as things progress forwards.

Have a clear outline of what you want personally and how you are going to do this.

3. Have a great morning routine.

Starting the day off on the right foot will help your mind and body stay alert, focused and have the ability to create new habits.  In this morning routine spend some time reviewing and refining your plan for the day.

4. Me time.

We entrepreneurs can get lost in the day, forgetting important things like taking a break, going for a walk, stretching, even eating and drinking properly.   Allow yourself to make the time to do these important things, this way a better habit is created to help you stay healthy and better focused.

5. Set reminders and plan for your day/week.

Setting a plan is one thing, keeping a routine can be difficult.  Like said before we can get lost in the day and spend too much time on one project.  By setting reminders and alarms can help keep that routine which creates a more productive day for you.

You can stay on track by time blocking, setting specific durations on certain projects, this way you can manage yourself and time better.

6. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Taking the time to reward yourself for getting a goal done, it will give you a boost.   Good businesses will do this as well.  Recognizing when victories are made will boost morale and confidence.

7. Don’t do it alone.  

Let your friends know your goals, they can help motivate you towards them.

8. Partake in inspirational activities.

To get a little extra boost re-watch something that was inspiring to you, it could be a movie, a Ted Talk, podcast or meditation.

9. Stay in a good place.

Something different makes each person happy.   Staying in a positive space will go miles for your drive and help keep you motivated.  Try simple things like repeating a positive phrase to yourself with a smile on your face.  This act alone can help raise your mood and set you back in a good place again.

10. Get lots of rest.

Being an overachiever and losing sleep over it will kill your productivity.  Getting a good night sleep can have the greatest value to help you get motivated.  For us adults, a good 8 hours is recommended.

Do you have other ways to stay motivated as an entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Tips To Get Motivated

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