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Capitalism Gets a Bad Wrap

In a highly material world, money is at the center of many debates, and imagery around capitalism is proliferous.


The is obviously considerable debate on socialism versus capitalism, even as we watch socialist nations fall as their populations starve and live lives in apathy.

Among younger generations in the U.S., free-market capitalism has gotten a bad wrap.

This representation has led to 51% of young adult Americans between the age of 18 and 29 who currently do not support free-market ideals..

The main economic belief for these young adults is that capitalism is greedy and corrupt.

Is this an unfair representation?

Yes, because as you get older you realize that anything the government gives you, was taken from someone else.

How capitalism differs, is capitalism only happens voluntarily. When you keep your customers happy, you encourage the business to grow, which allows the ability to sell at lower prices, create better quality products and provide better services. There is a strong presence of entrepreneurship and as the economy grows it helps improve the quality of life for everyone.

So what is causing young Americans to have this negative view of capitalism?

River Maketa- vice-president of the Young Americans for Liberty club says, “I would say the reason it’s mostly college students who are against capitalism, is that most of us haven’t gotten into a major risk-taking world. It’s pretty easy to stay in the mindset that you’re supposed to be taken care of.”

Could it be that they feel a just little bit too entitled? What might have created this false sense of entitlement?

It might have to do with the excess of privileges they experience in college.  They are provided with dorms, meal plans, recreation facilities, and countless other perks.  Maybe this is one reason they expect to be taken care of beyond college.

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In the end really what do we all want? We all want to be treated in a decent and humane way.

Capitalism is the only model that allows this. It allows you to pursue wealth as you see fit. It allows you to prove your hard work, and spend the fruits of your labor as you see fit. This is the reward for your hard work, it is a human right and what you do with it is up to you.

How can this possibly be misconstrued as evil in any way?

Remember we have the title as the world’s largest economy because of America’s free-market.

Promoting this private sector brings on economic growth.

Capitalism allows the freedom to voluntarily distribute wealth and grow as a nation.

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Capitalism Gets a Bad Wrap

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