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Letters to the Editor

It’s Saturday – a great day to reflect on where what we have done in the past week, what we should have done, and perhaps reflect on how we might use next week to make our lives, and the lives of our peer citizens just a little better, particularly as it applies to free marketers and the betterment of society as a result of a free market economy.

We are certainly better off than we were not that long ago, but there is much to be done.

I present a selection of letters to the editor from a number of sources and readers. It is the feeling of this writer that those that take the time to write in to a publication’s Editor are often those best poised to help us make a positive difference.

Comments always welcome, as are letters to this editor.


Build the wall Mr Trump Pic 1

right is right mr trump


Raising minimum wage costs jobs


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Letters to the Editor

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