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Liberal Stupidity Reaches A New Level

Some Liberals are so beyond-the-pale ignorant that they can’t see the forest because the trees are blocking their view.

CNN political commentator Sally Kohn found herself in hot water, from social media users, after posting a controversial Tweet suggesting that “Progressive Muslims,” who are fighting against radicalized Islamic terrorists, also subscribe to the idea of Sharia law.

Sally Kohn fired back at the internet with her a snooty Tweet comparing “right-wingers” mocking her for suggesting Sharia and LGBT lifestyles were compatible with each other, to the arguments against the myth of Global Warming.

It might have been a poor argument choice as the entire global warming argument has been debunked by actual science, and that those pushing the narrative were exposed, in the Climate-gate email hack, as being frauds and pushing an agenda despite the scientific evidence.

One of the biggest indications that Climate Change was a hoax would have been the biggest pushers for the agenda refusing to discuss or debate the matter, and instead saying,

“The science is settled! The science is settled! No need to look at the facts, there’s no time! There’s going to be now snow on earth by 2016! Act now!”

It’s sort of like a crooked used-car salesman telling a potential buyer,

“No need for a test drive, just buy this car now! Now! Buy it! Now!”

In addition, there has been very little warming for the last 14 years, but Progressives never let the facts get in the way of their fear-mongering.

Sally Kohn is just another example of a Liberal snob making arguments about things she doesn’t understand because the arguments “feel” right. The only sad part in all of this is that Kohn has actual followers who listen to what she says.

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Liberal Stupidity Reaches A New Level

by Sonia Landry time to read: 1 min