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Trump heads for golf club holiday as summer storms loom

As the President prepared to leave on Friday for his annual August holiday at his lush New Jersey golf club, he’s confronting a storm of crises, at home and abroad, that could set the course for his reelection bid.

“There are often presidents facing reelection who face an onslaught,” said Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian at Rice University. Unlike other embattled incumbents at this point in their terms, Trump does not face a serious primary challenge.

After the special counsel’s appearance before Congress last month, a sense of relief permeated the West Wing, which was finally free of the investigation that has shadowed the Trump administration since its earliest days.

His reelection strategy, represents an approach not seen by an American president in the modern era, immediately condemned by Democrats, Trump’s vernacular has come under escalated scrutiny after a warning similar to his about a “Hispanic invasion” was found in the rambling screed linked to the gunman who killed 22 people in El Paso, Texas.

The president’s response to the recent shootings has been uneven. He avoided exposure last weekend, and on Wednesday turned a visit to the two grieving cities into an awkward mix of hugs and handshakes followed soon after by aggressive political attacks against Democrats.

Some Democrats have accused Trump of giving license to the hate lurking in dark corners of American life, even contending he has blood on his hands for the weekend of violence.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

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Trump heads for golf club holiday as summer storms loom

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