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Epstein’s Gal Pal l Spotted at In-N-Out Burger in First Photos Since His Death

Jeffrey Epstein’s former gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t holed up in her British manor or summering on the Massachusetts coast.

The Post found the socialite hiding in plain sight in the least likely place imaginable — a fast-food joint in Los Angeles.

Sitting alone with a pet pooch, she was surprised to be found and told an onlooker, “Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!”

Maxwell, accused in court papers of providing sex slaves for Epstein and engaging in threesomes with the financier and underage girls, had not been photographed in public since 2016.

The daughter of the late, disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell has not been charged with any crimes but could find herself in the feds’ crosshairs following Epstein’s apparent jailhouse suicide Saturday.

[Tweet “Attorney General William Barr declared on Monday, Any co-conspirators should not rest easy.”]

One of Epstein’s accusers, Jennifer Araoz, on Wednesday sued his estate, as well as Maxwell and three unidentified women for conspiring “to make possible and otherwise facilitate the sexual abuse and rape of [Araoz].”

Another accuser, Virginia Giuffre — said she had sex with England’s Prince Andrew and noted attorney Alan Dershowitz at Epstein’s command.

Giuffre claimed Maxwell recruited her when she was a 16-year-old spa attendant.

The pair made Giuffre watch as they engaged “in illegal sexual acts with dozens of underage girls,” the documents allege.

The papers also include testimony about a 15-year-old girl who once said Maxwell tried to “force her to have sex with Epstein through threats” and swiped her passport to hold her hostage.

She was spotted on his private plane, the Lolita Express, and at his Upper East Side townhouse, hobnobbing with everyone from Prince Andrew to Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

A source close to Maxwell recently told Vanity Fair that she spoke openly about procuring girls for Epstein.

“Ghislaine was in love with Jeffrey the way she was in love with her father. She always thought if she just did one more thing for him, to please him, he would marry her,” the source said. “When I asked what she thought of the underage girls, she looked at me and said, ‘they’re nothing, these girls. They are trash.’”

But Maxwell seemingly dropped from the face of the earth when sex abuse allegations began to surface against her close pal.

On Wednesday, it was reported that she had been living with tech CEO Scott Borgeson in his mansion in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., since 2016. A neighbor told The Post that Maxwell left the residence about one month ago.

Borgerson has flatly denied any romance with Maxwell. When asked about the status of their friendship, he said: “I don’t want to comment on that. Would you want to talk about your friends?”

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Epstein’s Gal Pal l Spotted at In-N-Out Burger in First Photos Since His Death

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